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Remote Car Starter Problems
Code Alarm, Prestige, Pursuit Replacement Remote Transmitter Key FOB's

Replacement Remotes for Code Alarm, Prestige, Pursuit, Ford, GM systems, and more.

1 Year New Remote Replacement Warranty Plus: will replace your remote with a brand new remote if it's ever found to fail from normal every day wear & tear for a period of 1 year from date-of-delivery. PLUS your warranty return shipping to us and back to you is covered under your warranty! We will email you a USPS return shipping label so you can return the remote to us in exchange for the new replacement (limited to one new replacement per warranty). Just drop it in the mailbox or at your local USPS post office or hand it to any USPS delivery person!

Replace your lost or worn-out Code Alarm, Prestige, Pursuit or OEM Factory Key FOB

Search for your Code Alarm Prestige Pursuit Replacement Remote FOB

Enter the FCC ID off the back of your Remote's case
into the box below then click on "Find My Remote"

Remote Search Box

→ DO NOT type "FCC ID" into the box, just the letters and numbers after your FCC ID:
Or on many remotes there is a Remote Part Number above the FCC ID that commonly starts with the prefix "CA", this can also be used in the search box to locate your remote

TECH TIP: As long as the replacement remote you find has the same FCC ID and the same amount of buttons on it as your original, it will work. You cannot not always go by just the way the remote looks due to newer design changes of older remotes.

4 Ways to find the correct replacement remote you need
  1. The 1st way to find the remote you need is by using the FCC ID Number located on the back of the remote’s case. This number may also have some letters in it. Our remotes FCC ID generally start with the prefix "GOH", "H5O" or "ELVA". Once you have the FCC ID, you can use this ID in our remote search box to locate the remote you need. You don't have to type in "FCC ID" into the box above, just the letters and numbers after it:
  2. The 2nd way is on newer remotes not only is there an FCC ID on them but a remote part number. This part number is also on the back of the remote case displayed above the FCC ID and starts with the prefix “CA”, like "CATX4" or "CATLCD", these too can be used to locate the remote you need using our remote search:
  3.  The 3rd way is when you know the model number of the system that was installed in your vehicle. For example, the Code Alarm "CA4054" or Prestige "APS557C". This information can also be used in the search box:
  4. The 4th way (and this is where it gets a little involved), is needed when you don't know any of the information described above. You're going to have to get the systems model number off of the system's main control module that's installed up under the driver's side dash. You'll need to take the driver's side dash panel down that's directly across from your knees when you're sitting in the driver's seat. The module is generally mounted in place using some nylon zip-ties against some factory wiring. If you’re not the car-savvy type you'll have to take your vehicle to your mechanic or local car radio shop. Give us a call if you need any additional information or help at 1-866-244-8004.

Customer Testimonial's

"Reaching out to tell you I'm a happy customer. Top notch service. Got my new remote programmed and it works great:))))) Thank you!" 05-29-2018

"Products and tech service if needed are phenomenal at MotorCityRemotes. People there are very knowledgeable about their products and can help you over the phone even with what you may think is a difficult problem, thanks MotorCityRemotes"  G. Alvarado (05-15-2018)"

Sincere shout out to Derek & Bob! A few weeks ago you guys helped me get an old code alarm system going that was in a used Ford Focus I bought for my Daughter that was going away to school. I called around and no one was familiar with older systems and just wanted me to buy a new system for $400.00 bucks. I spoke to Bob and he set me up with a new remote with instructions where I could program the remote myself. I got the remote programmed but it would only lock and unlock the doors and not remote start so I called in and Bob had me talk to Derek, and he walked me through some "tweaks and settings" (thats what he called it) that I had no idea what I was doing but within 15 minutes her car was remote starting. The remote cost me $45.00, the service they provided me was worth 3 times as much, now I know why this company is so busy! Thank you guys! (01-14-18)

"I purchased a new remote button for my Lincoln MKX and it came right away in the mail with the programming instructions attached to it. In just a very few minutes I had it programmed and working perfectly from inside my home to my car in my unattached garage. How awesome! Last time I bought the button on an auction site used, and paid a shop $75.00 to program my button. They stated it took 45 mins to do and that they had to get under the hood and.....yada yada yada and already I had to buy a new button not hardly a year later. I HAD A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE WITH THIS COMPANY AND I WILL RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE!  Posted by Jeannette R. 12/2016

Sales, Support, and Product Information:

Call Toll-Free: 1-866-244-8004
Tech-Direct Help Line: 1-586-315-4005

Mon-Fri: 9am-7pm, Sat: 9am-5pm & Sun: 9am-3pm ET
CLOSED: Major Holidays

LOCATION: 50935 Washington St. Ste. 2 New Baltimore, MI. 48047
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