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More Installer Testimonials
"I have enclosed the damaged Alert remote I spoke to you about on the phone about a few days ago and a copy of the packing slip. Thanks for offering to replace the item under warranty. My college son is pretty hard on equipment as you can tell. I have enclosed a hat as a token of my appreciation for your companys outstanding service during the sale and installation you provided during January 2006."
Bill S. in Brandon, MS. (Purchased an Alert 5500RM w/2 Window Roll-Up)

"It should be a crime to purchase a car alarm of any kind from anyone else other then if you plan on installing It yourself. I had 0 experience installing alarms in vehicles and with the help of the instructions I received with my order I was able to perform a perfect install of the CA680 car alarm/keyless entry/remote start. Simple the best out there as far as I am concerned. I highly recommend them to anybody looking for auto alarms. A very happy customer from Lafayette, LA."
James J. in Lafayette, LA. (Installed a CA-680 w/CL-100 into a 02 Toyota Tundra)


..."received everything in good order and I want to thank you for your prompt; efficient and very professional manner. Thank you so much and I appriciate your service."
Tom T. in New Jersey
"I received my 2 remotes today, and programmed the units to my 1997 Eclipse. All system operates as advertised. Thank you for the information you gave me so I could program the remotes."
Buddy S. in Kinston, NC.
A month ago I ordered a CA-160 alarm system from you Thank you very much for the time you spent on the phone working with me. By providing the LED remotes I wanted, in place of the normal LCD remote, you sold me a system I could
not have gotten in a local store. It arrived promptly, and I was VERY impressed.The full, vehicle-customized instructions printed in color were great. In fact everything, right down to the packaging, was first rate. Everything was there right down to the wire connectors needed to install. I was surprised to receive such a nice kit. The system's two-way range is very good. Outside it works comfortably at 1000 feet. And the transmitter unit is not mounted on the windshield -- I have it just under the dashboard. It is reassuring to get the confirmation response. I set arming and disarming to be silent and don't need a 'chirp' because I can see the response on my remote. The radio system does not penetrate metal buildings, like Wal-Mart, very well, but I really didn't expect it to do so. I could add a more powerful pager later if I decide to do so. So I am very happy with the purchase, and have had fun installing it. I like knowing exactly what wires go where, and what has been installed, something that would not have happened if I had an installer do the work. That would have cost a lot more, and I wouldn't be able to gradually customize and improve the installation. I am very glad I found your company before I bought an alarm locally. This has been a great experience!"
Terence B. in Bradenton FL. (Purchased 2-Way FM CA-160LE 2x2 LED Style Remotes)
"You have the best techs that I have come across, got alot of help from Derek, much appreciated. Going to recommend my tech and audio/alarm shop to do business".
Tyson H. in Riverside, CA.

"Thanks for your help. Your company is the best! Wish I could send more customers your way. Take care."
Dave W. in Mesa, AZ. (Purchased CA-630)
"I received my new Code Alarm, and promptly installed it with no problems. As special thanks to Derek who answered my question when I talked to him on the phone. He is a great asset to your company. I would highly recommend your company."
Lauren K. in Yuma, AZ

"...This is a quick note to let you know I finished the installation in my 2002 Taurus. Everything works well  and I wanted to say thank you for all your advise and extra efforts...I am really pleased with the unit overall, and the range is more than adequate.
Thanks again,
Jeff M. in Ashland, OH. (Purchased CA-420)
" ....Just had to give my testimonial. Using my cell phone from my desk at work to remote start my truck is the coolest convenience ever! Especially when its about 102 degrees in it. Excellent instructions! The systems installation was easier to do than the desk I assembled last week for my wife. I will definitely purchase another system from you guys in the near future.
L.J. in Phoenix, AZ. (Purchased CA-670 + CL100)
"The CA-630 is a very high quality system and I am very happy with my purchase. The system-to-vehicle installation guide was a pleasure to use and everything is working perfectly. That test probe is a cool little testing tool, I put it in my tool box for future use. I will highly recommend your systems over any other! Thank You."
Rob H. in Port Arthur, TX.
"I found that my minivan did not have an immobilizer system, so I did not need the bypass kit. Thank you for accepting the return. The remote starter is working great. Thanks for the excellent instructions!"
Sandy C. in Redmond, WA. (Purchased Alert 1500R Add-On Remote Starter)
..."I am so glad that I went with your company then any other. Just in talking to you I could tell you guys do care about your customers and product...And again Derek it was nice talking to you and for all your help. I will recommend to my friends that are looking for any car alarms, remote starters and so on. Thank you for all your help."
Rick S. in Enfield, CT. (Purchased Alert 5500RM)
..."No corporate tech operators here! Tech support was like talking to an old friend!"
Al S. from Williamsburg, KY. (Purchased CA-630)
..."Thanks a great deal for all your tech support. You did a great job to make sure this unit worked...I've got your phone number, I'll call if I have any problems. I know you can help! Thanks, thanks, thanks alot!"
Brad S. from Lisbon, IA.
..."Thank you for the very prompt service and attention!"
Jan D. from Englewood, CO.
"Hey guys just to let you know everything works great. The set up of the system was awesome. It took me about 4 hours to get it completely installed. It was harder to get the dash panels back on right than it was to install the system! Thanks,"
Randy T. in Pueblo, CO. (Purchased CA-670)
"As per our conversation, I am returning item #1, TBK IV UNIVERSAL BYPASS KIT filename TBKIV extended cost $34.00, as I did not need this item for the installation of my remote starter. Thank you for your excellent instructions and installation kit for the starter, I will continue to recommend your company as one of the best providers!"
Dave S. in Bushkill, PA. (Purchased: CA-420 Remote Starter)
"I purchased a Code Alarm remote start from this summer. My experience was very positive with the wiring harness completely prepared for installation and step by step instructions on which wires to connect were included. Derek was extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with. I am now considering another one for my girlfriend. Thanks AutoAlarmpro."
J.C. in Cleveland, Ohio. (Purchased: CA-545)
"I just wanted to send in my customer testimonial. I ordered a replacement remote for my alarm/remote start combo system. I have the Code Alarm 545 and it works great. I ordered my replacement remote and received it in great time since it is near the holidays. I had questions and called Derek. He was very helpful and never got frustrated. I even had to call back to have him send me a manual for my system and he did it gladly. Sorry about the first e-mail address I gave you Derek, not sure why it didn't work! But I will definitely buy from again and recommend it to my friends and family as well. Derek is great and very helpful!"
Nick H. in OH.
"Just want to let you know the CA-420 is the best remote starter I have installed yet. Works great. Perfect and easy to follow instructions. I will recommend your systems."
Mark T. from Boerne, TX.
"Hi Derek,
got the parts today and installation was really easy. Works great. The most difficult thing was to put the relays somewhere and to find out how to switch off the horn when locking the doors. Anyways, thanks again, Yours
Kay N. in Germany (Purchased: Alert 7500R)
"Derek,Thanks for the photo. Per our conversation, I changed the fuse from negative to positive, and had the last wire in place within 15 minutes of talking to you.  Thanks again for a great system and the best damn instructions I've seen yet."
Paul S.
"The CA-630 is an awesome system. It came with excellent installation instructions and the pre-wiring not only saved me lots of time it made my finished installation look clean and professional. I'm definitely getting another CA-630 from your site this Christmas for my sister so keep up the good work!"
Stan H. in San Francisco, CA.
"Derek,Thank you for your help, I got the system (CA-530) installed this weekend. It does a lot more than what the website description says or maybe I just misread it. It is definitely an excellent system! Thanks!"
"Wow! What can I say but, what a find! I had recently gone to a local car audio store here in Dallas in search of a car alarm. I found one that suited me but was advised that the alarm was more than I was willing to spend. I decided to shop around for competitive prices. I never really considered installing the alarm myself until I happened across I spent quite a bit of time reviewing the site and reading through the customer testimonials. I was immediately impressed but must admit that it sounded too good to be true. I took a chance and purchased a Code Alarm CA670 for my 2002 Jetta. Derek was great! You hear a lot of companies advertise that they give service after the sale but Derek actually took this concept to the next level. While installing the alarm I called in several times for directions and he was always happy to help. If you love tinkering around with you car you will enjoy the task of installing your own alarm and feel very accomplished once the task is complete. I did it and it actually works!! It was one of the best online experiences that I have had to date. Way to go Derek and! Thanks again."

Travis in Dallas TX.
"When I started my search for a good alarm system I never knew that I would find a good company and a good sales rep. I wanted a remote start and also alarm system for my manual transmission and I found it from auto alarm pro. I called Derek to find out everything that I needed and he helped me through it, I decided to get the Galaxy 5100-2Way for manual transmission. when I got it in the mail, everything was already pre-wired and set up for installation. At first I didn't want to do it myself being that I have never worked with car electrical parts other than a radio and some speakers. Derek told me to give it a try and read the step by step instructions which I did and they were really simple and easy. I decided to check the wiring on my car, so I removed the panels and found wires everywhere and electric tape covering some of the wires. First it looks hard but by the step by step instructions and wiring diagram list, I was able to find all the wires I had to make connections to and lol, I bugged the mess out of Derek but he nicely helped me through the questions I had and I was able to complete the setup. Took me 8 hours but that's just cause I took my time to make sure everything was correct and when I was done, I tested it and to my amazement, Everything worked perfectly. I saved myself lots of cash. So I'd say to anyone out there who needs a system, get it from auto alarm pro sales rep Derek, the installation instructions are very simple that even if you've never touched car wiring, you'll figure out what you're doing by the time you're done. At least I did, and even mine was manual trans. So thanks Derek for all your help and anyone out there who's trying to install the system themselves, go for it, its not hard, just take your time and you'll figure it out. I'm only 19.."
Charles O. from Bowie, MD.
Thanks Derek, you have been very helpful. If I need another remote or have a friend that needs one I will recommend to them."
Richard P.
"I purchased and installed a CA-630 system and wanted to send you an email about how smoothly my install went. Everything works excellent, just as your salesman described, and the installation guide was exact. 4 Stars!" I would highly recommend!"
David L. in Clearwater, FL
"I recently ordered a replacement brain and siren for my alarm. Not only was the staff pleasant to talk to on the phone but also they were Extremely helpful in determining what products I needed. I anxiously waited for the products and they arrived right on time as I was told they would. I installed the replacement products and ran into a slight problem. I called the help line and in minutes my alarm was up and running. You guys rock and your Website is awesome. I can't thank you enough for all the help and assistance you gave me."
Robert P. from Houston, TX
"I checked all the connections once again, and found out one wire was connected wrong, that is why the remote start doesn't start. Right now the system works fine for me. I really appreciate your prompt support, and I will recommend some other friends to buy from you.Thanks and Regards"
Tony L.
"Hey guys!, you know sometimes we need help with little problems like this and you can never actually find the help you need without having to spend a lot of money you know,well if you only knew how much i appreciate your helping me with this, i want to thank you for your time and help from the bottom of my heart. I will be definitely recommending you to my buddies for future references. You have a great day and once again thank you for your help. Ssincerely grateful !!!!"
Erick A.
"I bought my wife a remote starter for Christmas in 2003, and it sat in the box until yesterday morning 8/21/05, a Sunday. As I reviewed my plan of attack, I realized I needed some clarification (a lot of it too), so I found the address and phone number amongst the packing and promptly called the numbers. Honestly, I was amazed when someone answered, Derek was on the line and cheerfully explaining what to do and to call as needed (and I sure did). Monday came and again I called Derek for the 4th time, and again he spent almost an hour helping me program the starter over the phone, and the best part, I never once felt like a nuisance or bother. I can't think of anywhere I can go, and be treated in a helpful and happy manner after purchasing a product and not installing it for 2 years, except here. It is with much appreciation I recommend Auto Alarm Pro, I wish all my business dealings were this easy and pleasurable, outstanding product and service. Thanks Derek!      
Carlo A. D. in Cambria, N.Y. 
"The CA-630 is a very nice system. Code Alarm makes a quality system and your pre-wiring makes the installation go very smoothly. I'm very satisfied and I highly recommend your websites' service's and product's."
Jeff S. from Oakland, CA.
08/12 & 17/05
"I had the wrong door pin input. Everything works PERFECT now! Should be even better when the antenna arrives! Thanks so much for your help. Great product!"
-"I received the antenna Monday and installed it. I am extremely satisfied with the product and the support you offered during the installation".
Roger M. Hamilton, in OH.
"Derek thanks for all your help with the CA-630! You sell real quality systems and set-ups. I'll highly recommend you!"
Tim C. from Lexington, TN.
"I received the remote very quickly, instructions were very clear. the remote works great. I will recommend you to anyone. Thank YOU!"
Harold C. in Longview, WA.
"Just wanted to drop a note saying I received the code alarm system and I didn't need to call because the installation instructions were very clear and accurate
Keep up the good work!
Milo S. from Oceanside, CA.

"The CA-545 is awesome. I'm getting way over 1000 feet out of the system. I'm very satisfied and think it works better than the skytek system. Thanks for the exchange." Great service! I'll probably purchase another system around Christmas time for my girlfriend. Thank you."
Rob M. in Pittsburgh, PA.
"Thank You for your quick response to my questions on the installation of the ca-130. I got it installed yesterday, took about 5 hours cause I was moving very carefully not to disturb any air bag wires or anything like that. It works just fine and does only what I want it to. I will recommend your system to anyone who is in the market for an alarm and especially if they are going to attempt the installation themselves.Yours is the only system that I found that will offer complete instructions and a wiring sheet to make the installation something that a shade tree mechanic like myself could do without a lot of problems. Thanks again..." 
John  R. in Los Angeles, CA.

"Just to let you know, I was really pleased with the whole installation set-up your company provided. The CA-630 is really a high quality system. I already had a couple of friends interested in getting one themselves."
Omar L. in Lancaster, PA.

"Please Post This! Anybody out there that plans on putting in a system themselves I highly recommend getting the system from auto alarm, pre-wired with their installation instructions. You can get the same systems on the net somewhere else but not with the pre-wiring and installation instructions they provide. Believe me, i bought many systems off the net and this service alone will save you alot of headache! One more thing, you can actually get ahold of the techs on the phone."
Many Thanks'.
Steve J. in Rochester, NY. REPLY:"Thanks Steve! Want a job in sales?" ;-)


"Thanks for all your help. You guys are great! anybody i know who is looking for an alarm, remote start or anything else you guys do, I will definitely send them your way!"
Dean T. in West Orange, NJ.

"A+! Just wanted to drop you guys an email to say my installation went smoothly and I'm glad I purchased the CA-630 system. This system is the best made system I've installed yet. The pre-wiring your company does makes the set-up a lot easier to install and makes the install look professional and clean. The quick-tech installation guide is the best guide I've ever used, No left out information or confusion. One system I bought, the company had to fax me 6 pages of updates, and I didn't have a fax machine, painfull! Keep up the good work."
Trevor M. in Gainesville, FL.

"Excellent installation manual! Installation was no problem. The pre-wiring and included connector's were a big help, I didn't have to run around looking for what connectors to use. Will purchase another set-up soon for my girlfriends car."
Allen W. in Laredo, TX.


"Derek,I did it!!! I was able to get the remote start installed and working!!! Now all I have to do is connect the parameter sensor.  Do you have any hints for me?  I read the instructions and didn't understand them; I'll just have to re-read I guess. As far as the BLUE/ORANGE wire, it connects to the BROWN/WHITE on the clutch switch. This provides the negative pulse to complete the circuit for the car to start. 
WHAT FUN! I installed the valet/antenna/led where you suggested, I can't believe how it illuminates the entire interior it looks cool!  Now I'm just waiting on the other parts that I have requested from you. I would like to take this time to thank you for all you have done for me.  By the product and instructions you supplied, you helped me save over $600. THANK YOU. Please feel free to use me as a referral!"
Miguel D. in Abilene, TX.

"I just want to thank you for the great support you guys gave me when I was installing my 5000rs 2 way system into my f-150. The thing works great. I get excellent range out of this system. Thanks."
Bob C. in Los Angeles, CA.

"I want your company to post this on your customer testimonials. I had the most difficult time with a company that installed a code alarm remote starter on my vehicle that would not work half the time! No one, not even the manufacturer, could help them with fixing the problem. In desperation I searched the internet for possible help and after talking to almost half a dozen code alarm distributor's, who couldn't help, or wouldn't, because I didn't buy the system from them, I luckily came across Derek at He talked to my oldest son and guided him through a whole checking procedure and came up with a possible cause. Its been working perfectly ever since! I will be calling the Code Alarm company to tell them who their best representative is! And the next time I need a remote starter on my car, I will drive from Chicago to the Detroit area to get my system installed!"
Paula D. in Chicago, IL.

"Derek,Thank you for the help!  It went in smoothly and easily.  In previous instructions from other forums, I was sent diagrams to create a relay block, that diode isolated the trigger wires from each other while at the same time intermittently grounding a "detection" wire in the lock and unlock mode.  Sounded confusing so I decided to search onward and found you.  The alarm works great with the door locks connected as you instructed. Thanks again!"
Mel S. in Rancho Cordova, CA.
"Derek, thanks for all your help on the install of my CA-630 system on my 94 Blazer. This was the first alarm system I've installed and you made it painless. The pre-wiring is a must, it made the whole job less confusing, and the vehicle specific chart was right on target. Installing in 20-degree weather is no fun but you made it tolerable. AutoAlarmpros' do-it-yourself system really takes it to the next level. It feels good to install something yourself, and its even better when it works.
Thanks for all the help".
Billy B. in Bergenfield, NJ.
"Excellent system & installation support! I'm very happy with my purchase and will highly recommend your web site to my friend's. You are welcomed to post this."
Curtis S. in New Brunswick, NJ.

"Finally, theres some tech support where the guy on the other end really seems like he want's to help you. And they do! I can see why you are so busy. Feel free to post this e-mail, I will be back to purchase another system in April for my project car (1971 Monte Carlo).
Scott W. in Buffalo, NY.

"Excellent product and support! Alot of companies could learn a thing or two from you guy's. If more on-line companies would have ran their businesses like this, there probably wouldn't have been such a "Dot Com" bust!" Many thanks!
Joseph D. in Chicago, IL.
"The BEST installation instructions ever written!"
Miles S. in Oakland, CA.

"The wife loves the remote starter I got her for Christmas from your site. I got it installed in little over an hour. Thanks for answering all my question's. Great service!
Tom B. in Anchorage, AL.

"Derek, you really know your stuff. Thanks for the top-notch support!"
Brian L. in Riverside, RI.

"The best place on the net to buy remote starter's!" Excellent system and installation instructions."
Paul M. in Atlantic City, NJ.

"Dear AutoAlarmPro, Great product and packaging. The pre-wiring was done perfectly. My system works and looks like it was installed by a pro! Your installation manual was right on and easy to follow. The CD was very informative too. Thanks'.
Jamey F. in Jacksonville, FL.
Derek, First off, WOW is a good way to explain my experience with you and your company.You helped me install my Remote start on my 2004 Silverado on a SUNDAY, who else would do that??? Nobody.. I shopped around for awhile for this remote start and you guys at offered the most bang for my dollar. I will be a repeat customer , and I will tell many people about the fantastic service that I received.. Thanks Again."
Matt K. in Roebling, NJ.

"Excellent sales & service! I shopped around alot on the web and this is definitely this most informative site I've seen. The salesman I spoke to new everything about installing remote starter's. Glad I found this site!"
Sandy A. in Bloomfield Hill's, MI.

"Just got my CA-420 system. Great system! I installed it in an hour. Real good quality set up. The installation manual you provided was exact. Thank you!"
Robert S. in Baltimore, MD.
"The CA-420 system is the best DIY system I ever installed. I received great support from your guy, I think his name was derrick? and the installation instructions were clear and right on. Thanks! Will buy again soon."
Brandon F. in Cleveland, OH.

"Great installation instructions. I had no problem's or any confusion about what wire went where. The CA-420 is 10x better than the Bulldog remote start system I installed on my last car."
Mark S. in Ferndale, MI.
"Want to thank you for such a nice quality product. The ca420 was easy to install. The pre wiring you did made the installation straight forward. It has been a pleasure to deal with you and your help full staff. I will be in contact in the future about the power window module we talked about on the phone. THANK YOU.
Doug A. in Baltimore, MD

"Outstanding tech support and products"
Charles W. in Peoria, IL

" Autoalarmpro provides the best support & service I have ever had. I mistakenly bought a system from another web site and couldn't get through for any tech support, even after several day's of trying. I came across and noticed they provided the same system to, so I called them to see if they would help. And they did! Long story short, I returned the system I bought from the other web site and purchased the system from autoalarmpro, it was a little more expensive, but you do get more parts you need included with your system, their warranty is better and the support is worth the extra money alone. Don't make the mistake I did! I highly recommend their web site!
Dale L. in Chicago, IL 
" Hey Derek, that new Galaxy 5000RS-SP I bought off of your site works great! I think my brothers going to get one now too. We like the option that lets us control both cars with one remote. This time I think were going to get the window roll-up module's too. Post this up on your customer feedback page!
Paul D. in Atlanta, GA

"Better support than I got from the manufacturer. They ( seemed to know more about their product then they did!"
Doug K. in Los Angeles, CA
"Derek, Sorry it has taken so long to respond to your assistance with this problem. Well, we got the remote and it is working like a charm. Thank you for your patience and for being so helpful.
Milton W. in Raleigh, NC

"The code alarm CA-630 is an awesome system. I can remote start my Camaro from the end of my block.Thanks for pre-wiring the system it made it alot easier. Great deal! I'll recommend to all my friend's. You guys should come out here and open a shop!"
Frank P. in Las Vegas, NV

"Just a quick e-mail about your CA-530 system. I received it on Friday, and installed it on Saturday.  Your instructions were nearly perfect.  Thank you for the detail of the installation in my 95 Intrepid.  I started at about 9:00 am, and was finished before noon.  (It didn't hurt that somebody else had previously installed a keyless remote - the seller didn't tell me that and didn't give me any key fobs - so that gave me a few wires to start with) Since I don't  yet have a Factory Shop Manual, I don't have the wiring diagrams to reference to.  But I didn't need it; your instructions were fabulous.One thing I did notice that I thought I'd bring to your attention; your installation sheet said the starter interrupt wires are violet and green; in reality, one was violet, the other was violet with a red tracer.  The placard on the system box showed the correct colors, but your instruction sheet was in error on that one wire. Otherwise, kudos to your company.  If I ever find anyone else looking for a system such as this, I will definitely steer them your way.
BTW, the thing works absolutely beautifully!"
Dan L. REPLY: Sorry about the typo on that one wire, thats the CA-670s color code.
"First and foremost, Derek you are thee bomb, I am finding it hard to maneuver without your help. Second, do you have a guide for a "04" Mitsubishi Outlander? And does your company have a catalog that you can send me? I would be interested in doing business with a company that can provide the customer service you have provided. Thanks a million!"
Craig B. in Philadelphia, PA. 

I was searching everywhere on the internet trying to locate a remote for my old code alarm system and no one knew for sure which one I needed and it seemed no one was really that interested in helping me locate one. I had to press the emergency button just about everytime I started my car and this was becoming a pain! I finally found Auto Alarm and called them. They were (Derek) a great help! They knew which remote I needed and even told me how to temporarily shut off the system until my new remote got here so I didn't have to keep pressing that button everytime I wanted to start my car. I highly recommend their service and I hope you post this email at the top of your list for everyone to read.
Carol M. in Los Angeles, CA. 

Dear Auto Alarm (Derek),
Thank's for the fast shipping. I'm glad I got the refurbished remote, I actually like the look of the glossy finish on the case better than the original remote that came with the system. Everything programmed easy. Thanks' again.
Sarah P. Austin, TX.


I received a 2-way remote start and alarm system as a gift and I called Auto Alarm to see if they could install it into my 2003 Explorer. They came right out, installed my system in a couple of hour's, right in my driveway. The technician was very informative and knew all about the system I had. It's working great! I highly recommend their service's.
Oliver L. in Southfield, Mi.

AutoAlarmPro has been installing my security & remote starter system's in my personal and work vehicle's for over 4 years now.I appreciate the personal service the company provides and I like the idea of having the same technician working on my vehicles. Whether I have a problem or in need of another system installed their always there when I call. It's like having your own private vehicle security company.
Larry D. in Detroit, Mi.

Thank you very much for taking the time to mail me the wiring diagram for my mustang, I really appreciate it, thank you again. P.S. It made my install a lot easier.
Jeremy E.

Hi Derek, Well, thank you! It appears that we have managed to reset the alarm, although I thought I heard a random chirp after all was said and done. You may be a miracle worker ? and certainly know your stuff. You are awesome, and since you are so awesome, I'll ask you another question...Is there a way to order a new remote for the alarm. I only have one, the other was lost by my dear daughter and the one I'm left with is getting worn out. It doesn't always work when it is pressed as it has been compressed so many times. If there is a way, I'd love to give you the business. Again, thank you so much for the help! If you're not the boss, tell your boss how great you are! Sincerely,
Jean D. in Bowdoinham, ME

Derek at Auto Alarm Pro has been installing all of my families, and most of my customer's, remote starter & alarm systems for over the past 15 year's. I own an automotive detailing & window tinting shop in Detroit and when my customers mention security we always recommend and call Derek at Auto Alarm Pro.
Ulysses L. in Detroit, Mi.

I purchased a system off of Ebay and couldn't find any place that would install it. All the place's I went to said I had to purchase the system from them. I called Auto Alarm Pro and they came right out and installed the system for me no problem. They even warrantied their installation for 3 years!
Tom S. in Warren, Mi.

Exactly as described. Super fast shipping. Highly recommend! A+
Tarun K. in Lincoln, NE

Fast shipping, item just as stated, great communication, works great!
Daniel M. in Egg Harbor Twp. NJ

I didn't even know that this type of service was available until I came across it on the internet. I paid for my system on-line and within an hour Auto Alarm called me to confirm my purchase and set the appointment for installation. They came out the next day and installed my alarm system right in the parking lot, outside of my office, while I was working! Very convenient and it saved me alot of time. 
Matt T. in Troy, Mi.

Thanks Derek for all your help! I found the programming button and found that one of the brown wire's behind the button was broken off, like you suggested. I re-connected the wire and got the new remote to program. Everything is working fine now. I will recommend your site to all my friend's.
Roger W. in Brooklyn, NY.

Recieved my system pre-wired for my vehicle and I'm glad I did! It saved me alot of time and probably some confusion! This was the first Code Alarm system I installed but, Auto Alarm had it all set-up and clearly explained. Everything installed smoothly and I only had to call their tech service for one quick question. They truely know their stuff. 
John L. in San Francisco, CA.

You ARE the auto alarm pro! My boyfriend checked to see if the yellow door input wire was hooked up like you said, and it wasn't. He hooked it up like you told him and the remote programmed right away. I have keyless entry again! Thanks alot. Now I'm going to get a second remote from you guy's since my system is O.K.
Susan D. in Orange County, CA.

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