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Code Alarm CA-5553SST 2-Way Remote Starter 1 Mile Range

The Code Alarm CA-5553SST is the Ultimate 2-Way Confirming Remote Starter with keyless entry system available. It will defrost your windshield and warm up the interior in the winter and cool it down in the summer. It will also remotely lock & unlock your vehicles doors, with a screen on one of the remotes that will tell you if the vehicle is locked, unlocked or running, all within 1 mile away! And the all new metal reinforced transmitter housing will protect the remote from the wear and tear of being on your key chain while looking sleek and stylish with a black chrome finish. The highest quality, most durable set of remote's you'll find available today.

CA-5553SST VSS Features & Benefits:
  • This is a Complete Vehicle Specific Ready System, No additional Parts Required.
  • 1 x Two-Way 900Mhz LCD Display Remote: 5-Button Indigo Blue Illuminated 1-5/8" LCD Screen with 15 different status icons that provide a visual confirmation of the vehicles status with the addition of audible tones and/or vibration modes.
  • Built-In Lithium Rechargeable 2-Way Remote Battery: Just like your cell phone, comes complete with a car charger.
  • Additional 2-Way Remote Features Include: Protective metal housing, remote battery saver mode, remote battery strength indicator, within range indicator, button lockout (temporarily disables the remote), digital alarm clock, parking meter countdown reminder, 2nd vehicle control and more.
  • 1 x One-Way 900Mhz Remote: Provides control all of the features of the CA-5553SST system without the 2-Way confirmation also with a metal protective case.
  • Windshield Mounted Antenna: Provides extra long range for both remotes, lock, unlock and remote start your vehicle from up to 1 MILE away. Additional antenna features include built-in valet/emergency override/programming button and two flashing blue status LED's.
  • Keyless Entry: Remotely LOCK & UNLOCK the vehicles doors.
  • Illuminated Entry: The system will turn on the vehicles interior lights when the CA-5553SST remote is used to unlock the doors. Included option.
  • Power Trunk or Hatch Release: The CA-5553SST has the ability to remotely open the trunk or hatch of vehicles equipped with a interior power trunk or hatch release button.
  • Car Finder Feature: Press a button on the remote and the CA-5553SST will beep the vehicles horn a few times to help you locate your vehicle in crowded parking lots.
  • Remote Start: Compatible with vehicles with AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS only.
  • Gas & Diesel Engine Compatible: The CA-5553SST system can easily be set for 10, 15, 20 or 45 second delay before crank times for Diesel engines (10 second delay is the default time)
  • 6 Adjustable Remote Start Run Times: The CA-5553SST system can easily be set to run for 5, 10, 15, 20, 45 or 60 Minutes (15 Minutes is the default time).
  • Built-in Relays: To turn on the vehicles HEAT and AC when running via the remote starter.
  • Tachless Installation: No need for a tachometer wire connection on most vehicles for easier installation. Tachometer connection option is included. Tech note: Most DIESEL engine vehicles would require the tachometer connection for best performance of the remote starting feature.
  • 2 Press Remote Starting: The remote start button on the remote has to be pressed 2X to activate the remote start feature. Helps prevent accidental remote start activation.
  • Safety Remote Start ON/OFF Toggle Switch: Supplied micro-switch that when placed in the OFF position, turns OFF the remote starter feature of the system but keeps all other system features fully working.
  • Safety Brake Input: Shuts down the remote starter if the vehicles brake pedal is stepped on before the ignition is turned on.
  • Built-in 2 or 3 Hour Remote Start Timer: The CA-5553SST has the ability to start a vehicle every 2 or 3 hours over a 48 hour period. 3 Hour default setting. Easily changed to 2 hours option.
  • Silent Choice: 1 press of the lock or unlock button will silently lock or unlock the vehicles doors and just flash the vehicles parking lights and a second press of either button will beep the vehicles horn.
  • Remote Start Activation Chirp: ON or OFF choice. Also easily changed option.
  • Built-In Remote Start Shut Down Diagnostics: Helps pin-point possible remote start problems, the systems LED will flash a pattern that indicates what is inhibiting the remote starter system from activating and/or what caused it to shut down.
  • Advanced DATA Port: Makes a variety of bypass interface kits easier to install. Reduces the number of wires needed to be "hard wired" to the vehicle or system via a plug & play type data plug.
  • This system is not compatible to vehicles with a MANUAL TRANSMISSION. For vehicles with a manual transmission CLICK HERE
  • TECHNICAL NOTE: This System is Not available for Vehicle's with Push-to-Start Ignition Systems!
Vehicle Specific System No Additional Parts Required:
  • Vehicle Specific System VSS: The CA-5550SST VSS system is available in virtually hundreds of different vehicle specific platforms. You will be asked to indicate the Year, Make & Model of vehicle the CA-5550SST system is going to be installed into during checkout.    
  • All Parts Guarantee: Any needed bypass interface kit, door lock modules, relays etc. needed for the specific vehicle the CA-5550SST will be installed into is included. No additional parts required, guaranteed!
  • Vehicle Compatibility Guarantee: After your order is submitted an technician will confirm vehicle compatibility within 1-24 hours via email. If in the rare event that we find that the CA-5550SST is not available for your specific vehicle, we will promptly email you and immediately cancel/refund your order.    
  • Vehicle Specific Installation Manual: An exclusive: System-to-Vehicle, Step-by-Step installation manual that indicates exactly which wire from the system connects to what wire in the vehicle, where the wire is located in the vehicle, and how to verify that you found the correct wire using the VSS kits included test probe.    
  • Installation Connector Kit: Connector kit includes varying sizes of barrel type crimp connectors, ground loop connectors, self-tapping screws, nylon zip-ties and 3M Brand Quick-Connects.
  • "Quick-Connect" T-Tap process: Provides fast, clean & insulated connections from the system to the vehicles wiring using just a pair of pliers. Faster & easier than using a T-harness, quicker and safer than soldering, easier to disconnect in case of making a wrong connection or needing to reroute wires. The T-Tap technique can be used to permanently install the system or to temporarily confirm that the right connections were made to the correct wires in the vehicle during installation and confirm that the system is installed and working properly, then the connections can be directly spliced in or soldered, as many installers prefer to do.
  • Bypass Interface Included: Any bypass interface kit needed for the specific vehicle the system is ordered for is included.
  • LED Style Test Probe: Supplied with the kit to use with the step-by-step vehicle specific installation manual that indicates exactly how to verify the wiring needed to connect to in the vehicle.
  • Installation Tech Support: Have a installation question? Dedicated tech support personal is available via email or phone 6 days a week.
  • 2 Year Full System QC Warranty: will repair or replace any part of the CA-5550SST system that's found to fail from normal everyday wear & tear for a period of 2 years.
  • All Systems provided by have been thoroughly evaluated for performance, reliability, design and value to insure brand integrity. is a factory authorized retailer for every brand & model of system we offer. All components are directly purchased from the manufacturer. We DO NOT sell refurbished, returns, manufacturer closeouts, "dealer cost" seconds, unclaimed freight or "dent & scratch" systems. All systems are stocked in our facility and vehicle specifically setup per-order & QC bench tested before shipping.
  • Allow 7-10 business days for delivery from the date your order is placed. Shipped USPS Priority Mail.
Code Alarm CA-5550SST Owners Operators Manual

Contact 1-810-824-4112
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